The key benchmark of any successful organization is the strength of its people!!

“The person (or company) who succeeds above all others, is the one who early in life clearly decides their objective and towards that objective directs all of their efforts”.    Vince Lombardi


We believe the strength of Hangers Plus is defined by our great people who make up our team of professionals and our commitment to our shared objectives!!


Hangers PLUS is a true global “family” of people who are committed to the common goal of working together to exceed our customer’s expectations and delight them with our service.


Our unified commitment to you is to passionately strive to see new market and performance requirements as well as seeking new sustainable cost effective solutions to help our customers maintain their competitive edge in a very exciting  global marketplace.


We believe:

  1. The first step to excellence is to find a common conviction.
  2. If you want to be thought of as a professional you must act professional.
  3. We must ALL know why we do the things we do.
  4. Respect tradition.
  5. Show PASSION for the truth.
  6. Be prepared and embrace the unexpected.


On behalf of all of us at Hangers PLUS, thank-you for your consideration and for trusting us with your valued business!!





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